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Being passionate about large format printing and committed to excellence, CompDeco can help you achieve your marketing goals,

minimise your on-going costs and give you the edge you need within your competition.




What we do

How we do it

We are dedicated to provide personalised print solutions which represent outstanding value, reliable customer service and on time delivery.

Believing that our customers are at the heart of our success, we are committed to making them happy above all, by helping them find the best way to achieve their marketing goals. Therefore we work in close collaboration with our customers to fully understand their needs, interests and the market they operate in and offer industry expertise and professional advice accordingly. Knowing that it is never easy to place your confidence in a new supplier we seek to build trust with every relationship by being approachable, accountable and responsive to your every need. We understand that every client has unique needs and requires different degrees of assistance and as such we regard adaptability as extremely important. Our small character and family atmosphere allows us to be flexible in our work and provide every customer with service they need; whether that is a speedy replacement of a used product or the comprehensive delivery of a full project, from conception to installation.

Our Partners

The LS Publishing Team has been working with Comp Deco on a regular basis for the past years. They produce our building mesh and security gates with exceptional attention to detail and precision. Besides their impeccable execution we also value their reliability, on-time delivery and all that professional care that our publishing team expects from a digital printing company. Their team members handle every occurring problem or question with flexibility and a friendly attitude and hence we are happy on every occasion. This is why we love to work with Comp Deco. - Krisztina Földes, studio and production manager, LS Publishing Team

Who we are

Compdeco is committed to providing comprehensive print solutions to individual needs by understanding our clients’ interests and the market they operate in. Accordingly we offer professional insight and industry expertise in order to help people find the best way to promote their business. At Compdeco we are dedicated to build confidence with every relationship by exceeding customer expectations and constantly demonstrating our passion for print by providing outstanding product quality at all times.